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Easy international trading with Caynac

Caynac online platform makes international trading accessible to all companies

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Go international with Caynac

Caynac offers you effortless import of foreign products or export of your own products. With Caynac online e-mail marketing platform you’ll have fast, easy, and affordable contact with international companies.

Easy working method

To make effortless contact with international companies, you only need to register as a buyer and/or seller. The automated platform does the rest. It couldn’t be easier.

Affordable system

  • Registration is always free.
  • Searching for products or purchasing via e-mail is also free.
  • Offer products for a small fee.

Fast processing

After registering, you can immediately start international trade. Through our email marketing, you can offer products in different countries online. To buy a product, you will be permitted to be in direct contact with the seller.

How to buy international products

Access to the international product database is free. You only need to register, then you can search for specific products from different branches and countries easily.

  • Free access to the international database.
  • Search for products without obligation.
  • Receive periodic emails for interesting products.

How to sell products internationally

Caynac is the perfect partner for offering your product to new international markets. Having multiple products? No problem at all. You can start immediately after creating a profile.

  • Registration is free and without obligation.
  • Offer one or more products.
  • Promotion of your products on our online channels.

Users from all over the world

At Caynac you can offer products in these countries and communicate with the registered companies from these countries.
We, as Caynac, will do everything we can to adequately position your company and your products on the international market.
Our goal is to eventually be active in 182 countries.
  1. Users from all over the world
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Users by country
Users and new users by country
  1. Turkey
  2. India
  3. Iran
  4. Pakistan
  5. United-states-of-america
  6. Germany
  7. Netherlands
  8. United-kingdom
  9. Egypt
  10. France
  11. Sweden
  12. Ukraine
  13. Nigeria
  14. Malaysia
  15. Morocco
  16. Nepal
  17. Bangladesh
  18. United Arab Emirates
  19. Russia
  20. Afghanistan
  21. Iraq
  22. Canada
  23. Saudi-arabia
  24. Vietnam
  25. Algeria
  26. Indonesia
  27. Thailand
  28. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  29. Romania
  30. Singapore
  31. Sri Lanka
  32. Armenia
  33. Australia
  34. Azerbaijan
  35. Georgia
  36. Ghana
  37. Serbia
  38. Spain
  39. Sudan
  40. Albania
  41. China
  42. Cyprus
  43. Kuwait
  44. Uganda
  45. Belgium
  46. Cambodia
  47. Colombia
  48. Ecuador
  49. Gabon
  50. Ireland
  51. Japan
  52. Jordan
  53. Lithuania
  54. Mexico
  55. Philippines
  56. Poland
  57. Tanzania
  58. Togo
  59. Tunisia
  60. Uzbekistn
  61. Yemen
  62. Angola
  63. Austria
  64. Bahrain
  65. Brazil
  66. Bulgaria
  67. Cameroon
  68. Croatia
  69. Dominican Republic
  70. Ethiopia
  71. Hungary
  72. Israel
  73. Laos
  74. Latvia
  75. Libya
  76. Maldives
  77. Mali
  78. Peru
  79. Senegal
  80. Seychelles
  81. Sierra Leone
  82. Slovakia
  83. Slovenia
  84. South Africa
  85. South Korea
  86. Switzerland

Products from different branches and countries

Caynac is active in many countries and has an extensive range of international products from various branches and product categories.

You will have no trouble finding what you are looking for. View our offers without obligation.